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Shortly after her victory, she earned the world championship title in Gothenburg, Sweden.By this time, Hamill's sweet face, bobbed hairstyle and unbridled determination had led her to become known as "America's sweetheart." In addition to mastering numerous figure-skating skills, Hamill is credited with inventing new moves of her own.She won silver again in 1975, at the World Championships in Colorado Springs, Colorado.The following year, the 19-year-old Hamill won the gold medal at the 1976 Winter Olympic Games in Innsbruck, Austria.In 2006, Hamill debuted as a judge on the television show In January 2008, Hamill announced that she was being treated for breast cancer.

She later sold it to International Family Entertainment.He is also a pilot with California’s Air National Guard.His first marriage, at 19, to actress Olivia (Romeo and Juliet) Hussey, lasted four years.Dean, 31, has moved out of their Benedict Canyon home, and Dorothy, 27, sadly and somewhat cryptically confirms that the two are calling it quits: “We are still the best of friends, we still love each other and the divorce will be amicable.” “There was no dramatic confrontation, there was no other woman,” reports a friend.“He told her it was nothing she had done, that he had to make a move in his life.” Mutual friends also hint the couple’s light-years-apart backgrounds may have been too much to overcome.

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Hamill continues to skate in shows, however, and is currently a regular performer of the show .

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