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I recognise this is still a difficult financial climate.I know the pressures that you face, particularly with respect to adult and children’s social care.…especially when compared with the shiny new unitaries, combined authorities and so on. Because this is an exciting time for anyone involved with county councils.A time of new opportunities, new roles, new ways to better serve the people you represent.

I’d advise you to raise a sceptical eyebrow at anyone who claims to have one.

That’s why we secured sizable amounts of fresh funding for adult social care and just last week announced plans for a new green paper.

And that’s why we’re continuing to push ahead with our work on Fair Funding.

I know that in some corners of local government there’s still this outdated attitude that says councils should stay in their lane.

“We’re responsible for this, the districts are responsible for that and never the twain shall meet”.

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