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On Sundays in Italy, we'd continue shooting and that was when we'd do the drone photography with Will.

Just grab as many shots as we could, experiment with it, see how it would work. It's one of those things where one day, because a lot of people have started using them and someday people are going to look at our movie and be like, 'Why did Moorhead and Benson use the fucking toy helicopter thing over and over and over again?

80 egunean / For 80 Days / En 80 das (2010) [LUMPY] 21.

Aballay, el hombre sin miedo (2010) [SRCLATINO] 38. Adventures of Bailey: The Lost Puppy (2010) [a AF] 44.

Sigue sirviendo meses a parejas que buscan el amor en el comedor de First Dates, precisamente donde ella misma también lo encontró.

Any day the crew was off, [co-director/cinematographer] Aaron Moorhead and I would continue to shoot.And almost everything we shot with the drone made it into the edit. '"[2014] See more » : I'd still like to grab coffee or something, sometime.Because I think you're the most attractive person I've ever seen.The photography should feel like an omniscient presence in the movie.It should feel very subjective, almost like a third, all-powerful character.

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