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Finally, a common thread unites "Sex And The City," a short-lived CBS "Beauty And The Beast" drama and The CW's 10-year favorite "Smallville": pilot orders for shows based off or spinning off these three bygone series have been placed by network execs.

It's official: the CW has committed to producing a prequel to the "Sex and the City" franchise titled "The Carrie Diaries," based on the series of books by the same name.

Talking about the show was sometimes more entertaining than actually watching the show, which eventually cast a larger than life shadow over real-life New York City.

Women started wearing nameplate necklaces and large flower brooches when Carrie wore them on television.

New York City saw an onslaught of Sex and the City-related tourism.

Synopsis: When Miranda tries multi-dating, she quickly finds nobody wants a lawyer, while her same physique appeals as 'stewardess'- but then her date the doctor...

At Charlotte's rehearsal dinner, Samantha hooks up with Trey's cousin Caleb, even if she can't understand his Edinburgh accent.

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