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Sometimes we have had to para- phrase these while respecting the spirit.

Certain names have been cross-refer- enced for convenience and to avoid confusion over surname prefixes (e.g., Philippe de Broca is entered under "Broca" but cross-referenced from "de Broca," and similarly with Erich von Stroheim, and others).

We appeal to readers to send us these so that one day a revised and corrected edition can be published. In this we have followed the historians Copyrighted material of literature who use the date of the first edition, of a book's release to the public, as the identifying one.

Each of our entries (apart from those of a few lines) is comprised of a critical appraisal, followed by a filmography.

DICTIONARY OF FILM MAKERS This One niiiiii TJW0-BJ1-N8AD TRANSLATED, EDITED, AND UPDATED BY UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS BERKELEY AND LOS ANGELES University of California Press Berkeley and Los Angeles © 1972 by The Regents of the University of California Translated with the permission of Editions du Seuil, Paris. Snyder Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 78-136028 ISBN: 0-520-01864-8 (cloth) 0-520-02151-7 (paper) Copyrighted material BY GEORGES SADOUL For this Dictionary we used the definition of "Film Maker" given by Louis Delluc in 1922, to include "Organizers, directors, artists, industri- alists who have contributed something to the artistic industry of the cinema." The present volume contains a thousand entries devoted to directors, scriptwriters, cinematographers, art directors, composers, producers, inven- tors—but not actors and actresses.

Originally published as Dictionnaire des Cinéastes, 1965. At least 10,000 entries would be nec- essary—not for an international Who's Who which would require at least 100,000 names, but just in order to include all those who have con- tributed to the rapid worldwide development of the art of the cinema since 1895.

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