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After bravely defending their sexuality in such difficult circumstances, are Sophie and Sian in it for the long haul? It's a love story and that's what we've tried for from the start, rather than just making it a ‘phase’.” So what exactly will these “ups and downs” consist of?“It's the whole Wesley situation; the divorce, moving out of the house, and the parents splitting up,” Sacha elaborates.’s first ever lesbian storyline, they could easily have balked at the idea.

She will take to the ice with professional skater Matej Silecky when the series kicks off on Sunday night.

Coronation Street star Brooke Vincent has said she was thrilled when she learned her character was going to be a lesbian.

The actress, who will appear in the newly rebooted series of Dancing On Ice, has also said she did not realise the impact her character Sophie Webster’s sexuality would have on viewers.

“We've just been focussing on how Sophie's coping with it, and then obviously that affects Sian.

It's like, you see Sophie and Sian, and they're struggling, then they seem OK, but then something else comes up - even though it's nothing to do with them, it just affects their relationship.” “Basically,” Brooke adds, “because Sian and Sophie have kind of come to terms with the fact that they’re lesbians now, not everything is going to be focussed on their sexuality.” Since the lesbian storyline first emerged, Sacha and Brooke have come out in support of Stonewall’s Anti-Bullying Week campaign, as well as making an appearance at Manchester Pride. Unfortunately, Sophie and Sian’s storyline has also attracted a small number of complaints – as well as being subject to some unfair restrictions. I’m sorry, but their kids need to know about these things.” “But you know,” she continues, “a small number of complaints compared to a million who are enjoying the storyline – although it's annoying, it's actually amazing, because it proves that there are only a few people out there who can’t deal with it.” Well, you really can’t say fairer than that.

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