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My fav couple is Ra-Young an Cheol Soo Such a wonderfull movie its full of surprises and learnings... I hope one day Lee Joon will get his breakthrough role and be as popular as Jo In Sung. Best chemistry ever between Lee Joon and Jung So Min! The siblings and the love they had for one another. I loved every bit of this drama so sooo much I will miss all of you guys love from Pakistan ♡♡ I miss the soccer couple and the others so much please continue making dramas like these K-dramas are the best nothing can beat them ♥♡★ SARANGHEE!!! Also glad Lee Yuri was in this drama because I missed her after Heaven's Promise/The Promise ended.

Seriously the best family drama i have ever watched.gonna miss this drama..i think i will watch this drama again some time.. Ever cast member was amazing and all the story lines never got dull or lacking. Really wish they would extend to more but I know the actors have other projects to get to. Good job to those who are behind this successful drama. The character she plays has a twin so in the drama she is playing two roles and gets revenge on the people that did her wrong. The best part is that u will love all the characters.. I am downloading all the episodes first once it is completed before watching any drama because I hate the idea of waiting every episode hahaha ... Am sure they will be one of the best couples at KBS Drama Awards 2017. Right now I'm watching "Heaven's Promise" aka "The Promise". From the grandmother to the grandson, everyone acted perfectly. I never really expected I will finish this series very fast. Really loved the last 2 episodes especially the cute scenes of jh and my..those certainly made up for the previous sad episodes between the two. I never watch his before, but i fall in love in him now! never get enough about Joong Hee and Mi Young's love story..... They are my favorite couple, congrats And be happy! Lee Joon as Ryoo Tae-Oh (Gapdong) and Ma Suk-Woo (Woman with a Suitcase) are like totally different person from Ahn Joong-Hee. This one is going straight to my library to watch AGAIN & AGAIN. I will miss waiting for the weekends to catch up with the Lee/Byun family and Actor Ahn! But it's ok, i am extremely happy that LJ and JSM are real couple now. But my favorite couple is Byun Ra-Young and Park Cheol-Soo also i love theirs love story and chemistry ☺️☺️ Ofcource i love main character's love story and theirs car kiss scene and when she beg to his mom for give permission to dating and lee joon hear everything that was just wounderful Every one is fantastic. I really like Lee Joon as Ahn Joong-Hee and curious about his other works, so I searched for his older dramas and was surprised that I have actually watched 2 of his dramas without knowing that this is the same actor. Ryu Soo- Young also great, he gives the funny and loving side of the story. THANKS & CONGRATULATIONS to the most awesome writers, cast and crew in producing the BEST EVER DRAMA!

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