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And one more, I was pissed off when Haru was looking for Nakaji at the airport, I was so irritated. I bought this movie just to see how much different ueno in this movie. I admit it's nothing amazing but come on, it's a slice of life serie, it doesn't need a special FBI force or a complex plot to be good.I was like "why didn't she just call his name like 'Nakaji! very well there is much more corner can be get more depth. I like all the actors so far and I don't see why people think Jaejoong is a bad actor.Give more projects to Shida Mirai who is one of the talented actress in Japan. Japanese actress is very good and beautiful just like you. And if possible, a romance genre drama with Yamada Ryosuke as movie would be too short for me to enjoy. I just found out you Mirai Shida when i typed Shida.

Please inform me if Japan Entertainment Industry finally realize how much fans want to see you both in the same drama/movie again. Josei Seven's latest issue suggests that Shingo Murakami (of Kanjani8) and actress Erika Toda may be dating.Last Friday, there was a wrap-up party for the TBS drama series "Ryusei no Kizuna," and after the event, Toda headed to Murakami's home.The two appeared together in the Fuji TV drama special "Arigatou, Okan" that aired in October. XDDD Ryo-chan was so shy around Erika isn't it??Both Murakami's and Toda's agencies say that the two are good friends. plus on Ryusei no Kizuna i find the way he looks on Shii (Erika) really different..

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