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I guess it seems cute to them, but they should follow the Ashkenazic minhog if they are Ashkenazic Jews, which is more respectful to the holy Torah, instead of giving a finger to the sefer Torah.

In general, this is representative of a larger phenomenon, which is problematic, of people finding some custom which seems cute to them and adopting it, at the expense of their own tradition/mesorah. Cuteness and style are not supposed to be the determining factors in minhogim.

Joseph Nasi was appointed Duke of Naxos, while Aluaro Mandes was named Duke of Mytylene and Salamon ben Nathan Eskenazi arranged the first diplomatic ties between the Ottoman Turks and the British Empire.

Gracia Mendes, a wealthy Sephardic Jew who moved to Ottoman lands, arranged with the Turkish sultan to purchase the city of Tiberius with the intention of making it an independent Jewish city state and her plan almost succeeded.

Okay so we're pointing, but why with the pinky finger? ) answers, but here's one I heard: the Hebrew word for pinky finger, zeret, also means a "span", the measure from your thumb to pinky (spread out).

And Esther Kyra exercised enormous influence in the Ottoman courts.However, it seems logical to me that, if this is really the origin of the custom, then either my memory is faulty, or the description was backwards - the fingers bent over are the Shin, the thumb, which is sticking out, is the Yod, and the pinky, which is supposed to be bent partially, is the Daleth.In any case, ever since hearing that I've made a point of bending my pinky partially. If anyone has more information on that origin, I'd welcome it.It is a custom that has been taken on in my conservative egalitarian Shul, which is Ashkenazi for the most part.Even though I understand here, that it is a Sephardi custom.

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Yitzhak Melamed (Johns Hopkins University), Michah Gottlieb (New York University), and Abraham Socher (Oberlin College) will be responding to comments throughout the week.

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