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The Khalifa Stadium is part of the Aspire Zone sports complex, where facilities have already been used by some of the world's biggest football clubs, including Bayern Munich, Everton and Paris Saint-Germain, which trained there in the winter.

Amnesty has called on big World Cup sponsors such as Adidas, Coca Cola and Mc Donald's to put pressure on Fifa to tackle the issue.

It wants Fifa to get Qatar to publish a comprehensive reform plan before construction on World Cup projects peaks in 2017.

It also wants Fifa to carry out its own inspections of labour conditions in the Gulf state.

The numbers working on World Cup sites are set to rise tenfold to around 36,000 in the next two years, Amnesty said.

Fifa acknowledged it had a responsibility to ensure human rights were respected in the build-up to a tournament, but also said it was not responsible for "solving all the societal problems" in a World Cup host country.

Media caption The BBC's Mark Lobel reports on his "dramatic" arrest while reporting on migrant workers in Qatar in May 2015 Mr Shetty also had harsh words for Fifa, accusing it of "indifference" to the abuse of migrant workers, which he said was a "stain on the conscience of world football".

But Amnesty said every migrant it had interviewed had reported abuses of one kind or another, including being: One metal worker from India who worked on the Khalifa stadium refurbishment told Amnesty he was threatened by his employer when he complained about not being paid for several months.

Qatar's government says it is committed to labour reform "He just shouted abuse at me and said that if I complained again I'd never leave the country," the worker said.

Rousseff’s enemies are attempting to launch impeachment proceedings on several grounds, including ongoing investigations into alleged budget irregularities and campaign finance violations.

The president has insisted there is no legal basis for impeachment, telling reporters last week that any attempt to remove her from power without legal justification would represent a “coup”.

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