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assamica, used in Pu-erh and most Indian teas (but not Darjeeling).

Within these botanical varieties, there are many strains and modern clonal varieties.

In tea processing, the darkening is stopped at a predetermined stage by heating, which deactivates the enzymes responsible.

In the production of black teas, the halting of oxidation by heating is carried out simultaneously with drying.

Recent studies suggest that green tea may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and some forms of cancer, promote oral health, reduce blood pressure, help with weight control, improve antibacterial and antivirasic activity, provide protection from solar ultraviolet light, Tea catechins have known anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties, help regulate food intake, and have an affinity for cannabinoid receptors, which may suppress pain and nausea and provide calming effects.

He began his journey in high secrecy as his mission occurred in the lull between the Anglo-Chinese First Opium War (1839–1842) and Second Opium War (1856–1860), at a time when westerners were not held in high regard.

Tea was introduced into India by the British, in an attempt to break the Chinese monopoly on it.

The British brought Chinese seeds into Northeast India but the plants failed; they later discovered that a different variety of tea was endemic to Assam and the Northeast region of India and that it was used by local tribes.

Using the Chinese planting and cultivation techniques, the British launched a tea industry by offering land in Assam to any European who agreed to cultivate it for export.

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