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These films to a greater or lesser degree reflect our reality and help us see ourselves.Most of the films are in English, with some better known foreign- language films and TV movies represented.A corps perdu see Straight from the Heart] A toute vitesse see Full Speed Adam & Steve (2005) Comedy concerning two New York gay men in their 30's building a relationship despite embarrassing one night stand 18 years earlier. Adventures of Felix or Funny Felix = Drole de Felix (French : 2000) HIV positive man hitchhikes across France in search of his father. Advise and Consent (1962) Closeted gay senator blackmailed for political purposes.*Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (Australian : 1994) Gay man travels Australian outback with drag queen friends to visit son. Alex and Leo = Alex und der Lowe (German : 2011) Two Berlin men just out of relationships, one with a man, one with a woman, have a rocky beginning of their new relationship.(Indonesian : 2006) Gay architect has trouble accepting his sexuality, until he meets an openly gay movie producer."Arison" is an Indonesian social group which draws for pooled money.On the other hand, "American Beauty" is listed here because of its gay sensibility, the fact that the gay couple briefly appearing in it is shown as the best-adjusted, most "normal" relationship, and the key role homosexuality plays in the climax.

Apo tin akri tis polis see From the Edge of the City] Arisan!

Arizona Sky (2008) Movie producer returns to Arizona home town in search of boyhood lover.

Art of Being Straight (2008) Inconclusive story of photographer who moves from East to West coast, and finds he might like gay sex.

Also omitted are movies in which the gay element although important is largely suppressed, e.g., "Suddenly Last Summer", "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof", "The Servant", as are films in which the gay element is subordinate to some other subject such as murder, e.g., "Rope", "Swoon", and "Compulsion"; again, there are exceptions such as "Cruising" (a controversial film deserving of reappraisal) and "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil".

Some films have a gay sensibility, address our issues, and have helped form our attitudes, but have no clear gay content, from "Show Boat" (especially that rendition of 'Bill"), "The Member of the Wedding", and "Auntie Mame", to the more recent "Billy Elliot" and "Good Will Hunting" (although lacking an overt gay character, reflects its gay director's sensibility, and addresses issues important to gays such as alienation and mentoring).

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