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Anders Andersen is the Danish version of John Doe In Danish a common placeholder word is dims (derived from German Dings), used for small unspecified objects (gadgets).Long, thin and pointy objects may be called javert or javertus, derived from the verb jage in the meaning 'thrust'. Faraway countries are often called Langtbortistan, lit. Backwards places in the countryside are called Lars Tyndskids marker, lit. Ah, e além disso, a AIG é a seguradora das seguradoras. Disse alguém no meu ouvido: “é como se fosse um banco que não é um banco, ou um ônibus que não é um ônibus”. A common placeholder name for a semi-mythological place - much the same as Timbuktu - is Pofadder (a real town).某一場演出 "a certain show"), or substituting people's actual names (e.g. For example, 等到猴年马月 is often translated as "to wait forever".

Jan Novák or Josef Novák for men and Eva Nováková or Marie Nováková for women are Czech versions of John Doe/Jane Doe.

A general term for a far away, remote/rural environment is "Boendoe".

"Van die jaar toet" (from the year "tut") is often used to indicate an unspecified, long time ago.

An unspecified object is shénme or shénme shénme (simplified Chinese: ; literally: "where").

The particle mǒu (某) often forms part of a placeholder. 某人 "some person"), perhaps with an intervening measure word (e.g. The expression 猴年马月 ("monkey year horse month") denotes an unknown but remote time in the future.

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