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Go to our Custom Tour Questionnaire today and let us build the perfect tour for you and your friends. From the Suzuki DRZ400S to mega machines such as the BMW R1200 GSA, we have seen it all in the Copper Canyon.

The most important thing is that if you have a larger bike, please have the skills, experience, and physical dexterity to match.

We have DRZ400 that are expedition ready and well suited for the Copper Canyon - contact us for more information.

We have a saying…” one man’s fun ride is another’s white-knuckled terror”.

Yes, usually a 4X4 pickup capable of hauling excess luggage and loading up at least one motorcycle.

We almost always have at minimum waypoints to your destination and hotel.

What we mean is that it is impossible to answer this question without knowing your background, riding experience and some hint of your skill level. This is important and we want you to make the right decision.

In the off-road touring environment, one should expect varying degrees of challenge and road surfaces.

But if you are new to the world of adventure touring and you happen to have a large motorcycle, we urge you to participate in one of our Moto Discovery Adventure Rider Training Tours, where our motto is 'Skill fuels confidence'.

And today, even those areas where for a while we chose to not go, we’re returning as the security situation has vastly improved. The question of security is something we constantly evaluate.

We’ll be the first to pull out if we feel the risks are too great. With the exception of one, maybe two nights, you can count on great accommodations.

Drug cartels have long fought over territory and critical smuggling routes. There was a period Moto Discovery ceased running tours in areas we were not comfortable traveling.

During that time we continued to ride in the Copper Canyon as we judged it safe enough. While the mobsters continue to engage in their turf wars, these conflicts are largely among themselves and they know well that to bother outsiders and tourists are bad for business.

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There is additional insurance required for Mexico which for which we can provide you a quote and is not included in the rental price.

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