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In contrast, for Pb-events originating from the crystal’s surface part of the alpha energy is deposited additionally in the target crystal.The different classes of s as low as W-recoils can be shifted out of the nuclear-recoil region if the corresponding alpha produces additional light.Furthermore, it is scintillating to establish an active veto against surface-alpha decays.Additional light produced by alpha particles hitting the foil is used to veto the corresponding nuclear recoils entering the target crystal.] was used during assembly and mounting of the detectors.Since the total energy is shared between phonons and emitted photons, nuclear recoils have a slightly (, a schematic view of the event bands (beta/gamma, alpha, O, Ca and W) is shown.

For the two latter designs, background identification relies on phonon pulse-shape discrimination between the carrier and the main crystal.Both detectors are read out simultaneously with SQUIDs.In the conventional detector design [ target crystal is held in place by bronze clamps covered by a thin film of Al.Their mean count rate in the ROI ranges from 6 to 30/(kg ke V day).For crystals from in-house production at the Technische Universität München (TUM) the background level could be reduced significantly to 3.51/(kg ke V day) in the ROI (for TUM40) [].

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With significantly reduced background levels, TUM40 sets stringent limits on the spin-independent WIMP-nucleon scattering cross section and probes a new region of parameter space for WIMP masses below 3 Ge V/c] are well motivated candidates and might be detectable with earth-bound experiments.

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