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Cast: Karl Scheydt, Elga Sorbas, Jan George, Margarethe Von Trotta.Story about a charismatic hit man (Ricky) who always wears a gun bulging from his shoulder holster, sports a soft fedora hat and white suit. Cast: Paula Wessely, Paul Dahlke, Hans Nielsen, Ingrid Stenn, Christian Wolff, Friedrich Joloff, Herbert Hübner, Kurt Vespermann, Hilde Körber, Günther Theil, Paul Esser, Siegfried Schürenberg, Peter Nijinskij, Otto Graf, Hans Schumm, Marcel Andrée.The film's title refers to a particular type of German military pistol. vhs 995 Presents five short Austrian films made accessible for the first time to a broader public.Based on the novel 08/15 in der Partei by Hans Hellmut Kirst 299 min. The tale of a young Turkish woman who, after an arranged marriage, follows her much older husband to Hamburg, where he had been working for some time. Ab morgen wird sich alles andern / Andreas Gruber (1980) -- Freistadt / Fritz Lehner, Heinz Scheiderbauer (1976, 60 min.) -- Jugendliche / Peter Patzak, Heinz Scheiderbauer (1972) -- Wochenend / Wolfram Paulus Jr.She becomes a wandering gypsy, confused and unable to deal with either the communist regime or a free-market economy. Abschied von gestern (Yesterday Girl): tells the story of a young East German woman who comes to West Germany in hopes of a better life.She has trouble adjusting to life in a new society and becomes her employer's mistress, but leaves when she is wrongly accused of theft.

Vermischte Nachrichten (Miscellaneous news): This drama strings together vignettes of events taken from everyday newspaper headlines. A Moroccan immigrant in Munich comes up against social and racial prejudice when he marries a sixty-year-old charwoman. A pregnant middle-class housewife, living an ideal, comfortable life, begins to experience moments of uncontrollable undirected fear. After giving birth, she turns to drugs and alcohol, but nothing seems to alleviate her tempestuous nerves. Eva, a loyal wife and mother, has her life turned upside-down by a fling with Tomasz. A comic satirical science-fiction film, as much as a document of a rather short period of Austrian history, namely the ten years from 1945 to 1955 when the four occupying powers were here.A film based on a true case which occured in the 1920's. Cast: Martin Weiss, Moritz Bleibtreu, Herbert Knaup, Katja Riemann, Tom Schilling, Susan Anbeh, Vadim Glowna, Margit Carstensen. Cast: Klaus Kinski, Helena Rojo, Del Negro, Ruy Guerra, Peter Berling, Cecilia Rivera, Daniel Ades. Cast: Maria Schrader, Juliane Kohler, Heike Makatsch, Johanna Wokalek, Elisabeth Degen, Detlev Buck.An accountant responds to an advertisment and gets murdered for his money. Blum is blamed for the murder because the accountant was about to give evidence about a tax fraud involving Mr. A dramatic presentation about pre-Hitlerite Germany which relates the story of a Jewish businessman falsely accused by anti-Semitic police. Agnes, a transsexual, and her brothers, Hans-Jorg, a sex addict/meek librarian, and Werner, a successful politician with a slowly self-destructing family, have little in common except an eccentric father and relationships totally screwing up their lives! A band of Spanish conquistadors, led by Aguirre, self-styled "Wrath of God," travel up the Amazon in search of gold, but Aguirre's megalomania turns the expedition into a death trip. Based on true events during the Battle of Berlin in World War II, about two women who find each other.Special features: Szenenvergleich mit "Das dritte Geschlecht" = Scene-by-scene comparison with Das dritte Geschlecht (38 min.) ; Presse-und Aushangfotos = Press photos and lobby cards. In one story, a foster parent cares for a traumatized young girl who is now an orphan after witnessing a car crash that killed both her parents. In addition, an affidavit by Fritz Feld testifies to this statement; however, Jacques Feyder is listed as director in the onscreen credits. The place is the Federal Republic of Germany, 1960, under the blue skies of the German economic miracle. Tells three stories of passion, jealousy, routine, and violence, in which love is the cause of and driving force behind each character's emotional and physical experiences.After the foster-parent does the right thing and takes the girl to her aunt --her court-appointed guardian -- she is shocked to see that neither the wealthy aunt nor her servants are very interested in the girl. In the other story, a director goes blind in the middle of a film project but has to be kept on because of his contract. Cast: Greta Garbo (Anna), Charles Bickford (Matt), George F. Actress Salka Steuermann, who appears in the German version, was also known as Salka Stearman and Salka Viertel. Hans Schnier for years has earned his living as a clown, though he is in fact a very covert sort of social critic. Alex and Nicole are divorced, but Alex cannot let go of what has passed.

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