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Fukuoka Renai Hakusho 6: No Kakehashi Hanabi [SP] (2011) 438.

Hikari to Tomo ni (2004) [Serie 7 Aniversario] 583.

Also known as the "Kobe earthquake," the massive earthquake struck the southern Hyogo prefecture on January 17, 1995 and resulted in more than 6,400 casualties.

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The drama will focus on the reporters working for the Kobe Shimbun, who were determined to keep the newspaper running without interruption, despite the damage suffered during the earthquake.

The characters in the drama will all be based on real people, using their real names.

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  1. 'She tried to make the marriage work time and time again for the sake of the children, but they were in turmoil and it became too hard to see a way out,' the source said, adding: 'Their lives are heading in completely different directions.