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Moreover, in order to be understood by the readers of all levels, it has been rewritten into a simpler 8th grade level English, without technical and political jargon.

Originally the article has been written in Italian language and published in Italian websites.

“This is the most comprehensive legislation ever passed in the U. Omar Abdi Alasow, a human rights lawyer in London, “the aim is to widen the net for people who may have committed crimes outside the U.

K., but who now live here.” Alasow said that if the law is passed a number of Somali warlords, some accused of ordering the massacre and kidnapping of hundreds of people as recent as last year, are likely to be indicted.

Secretary Straw told the Guardian that those “who have committed genocide or war crimes or crimes against humanity during the 1990s must not escape justice.

In memory of Abdullahi Mahdi Hassan (Sayid) Introduction There are three branches of the government that balance each other in most of the democratic governments.

Furthermore, we will provide you the names and the amount of funds they have embezzled, if the embezzled funds exceed the minimum threshold that we have set forth.

British Justice Secretary Jack Straw told the Guardian newspaper that the new proposal, yet to be ratified by the British Parliament, is aimed at closing the legal loopholes of an existing law that allows prosecutors to indict a war crimes suspect for atrocities committed since 2001.Depending n the system adopted, in some countries, in addition to the executive, legislative and judiciary branches, there are other branches.In Puntland the three branches exist, but two of the branches exist nominally, namely legislative and judiciary branches.Therefore, we have to walk on a thin line on telling the truth without offending anyone.There are those of you who are blindly poisoned by loyalty to tribalism, clanism, and regardless of the message being conveyed they view the articles as an attack to their clan/administration of Puntland with mere fabrications and false accusations.

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Though no one is named, the mere proposal jolts war criminals, said Alasow.

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