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In an overall heavily science-dominated setting, Abi’s poster – the only submission in the area of Classics from the entire UK and one of the very few posters based on Arts-and-Humanities-related projects – attracted significant attention: even after an hour and a half of answering questions (in what was planned to be a one-hour slot), Abi still found herself answering questions and offering offprints of her co-authored article.

Abi said: ‘It was an excellent opportunity and a great chance to meet people genuinely interested in my work as an undergraduate and talk to them about something I was passionate about.

The "Athens at war" chapter I found less interesting, wrong detail level for the audience.

I would've preferred, personally, to have at least a few pages about what might have happened in Athens after the death of Alexander; the city was still there into the Roman period, you know.

Teachers & students of Reading Greek now have a full & instant guide to the cultural & historical topics in which the course is so diverse & rich.

As indicated by the subtitle, it covers the period 500-323 BCE, with closest attention paid the year This “undergraduate textbook” was written by Paul Cartledge, George Cawkwell, John Gould, Desmond Lee, Jeremy Paterson, Brian Sparkes, Virginia Webb and John Wilkins under editors Peter Jones and, in its second edition, Robin Osborne.

As indicated by the subtitle, it covers the period 500-323 BCE, with closest attention paid the years from Marathon (490) to the resolution of the Peloponnesian Wars in 404, the heyday of Athens and very essence of what is commonly referred to as “classical” Greece.

That important discussion only begins—and just only begins—in a postscript.

If the point of this text is to initiate students to an historically accurate classics curriculum, then much more attention should have been paid at the outset to the processes of formulating pictures of a bygone era and the problematics of drawing conclusions about it.

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