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I get serious now, alternating between dipping my tongue inside her pussy, licking her sensitive inner labia and sucking on her engorged clit. ” Lauren pants as her orgasm builds and she pulls anxiously on my hair. Starting with a slow rocking motion, I gradually build my momentum until I’m slamming into her, bottoming out my cock on every stroke. ” Lauren cries as her nails dig into my back and her body shudders through a deep, powerful orgasm. ” “Mmm hmmm,” she purrs, still out of breath from our lovemaking. At this point, we are pressed up against each other. “Okay,” I answer, releasing the remote into her hand while giving her a playful slap on her bare ass cheek with my other hand. I glance at Lauren, wondering where this is going but she seems as clueless as I am.

The combined effort pays off as she arches her back and writhes impatiently against the sheets. She’s clinging to me, pulling me close and mashing her amazing tits into my chest as I pummel her eager pussy. Her quivering pussy clamps around my cock and I shoot my load in long satisfying spurts before collapsing on top of her, both of us gasping for air. I roll off of her onto my back and she cuddles up to my side. “She has an internship at a local sports therapist and is going to be staying here for the next three months.” “Here? My left arm is mashed between our chests and our faces are only inches from each other. “I acted impulsively with you baby girl and it was wrong,” mom raises her eyes to meet Lauren’s as she continues.

I think I see her nod just before I close my eyes and lose myself in wild, uninhibited sex with my sister. “You can come over after school and we’ll have until about when Rachel gets home.” “Awesome! I wasn’t even thinking of her like that but her reaction draws an equal response from my horny dick. “You have a well toned body, Brandon,” Rachel says quietly as her oily hands apply gentle pressure to my biceps. And you are neither,” she adds as her warm hands knead my pectoral muscles. “I just want to repay you for this awesome massage.” “You don’t owe me,” she says, her hands moving down my thighs.

My eyes meet hers and I try to read if there is anything else behind her comment. “This is very minor compared to you letting me stay here for three months.” Damn!

“You’ll never guess who called this morning,” I say, wrapping my arm around her and pulling her close. I’m very ticklish but I’m enjoying the closeness too much to give in yet. “After considering everything, I won’t be bringing your father into this; it’s over.

“Oh God, Brandon,” she whispers as her dress falls around my legs and she shoves her tongue into my mouth. I am surprised and thrilled by the animal urgency of our incestuous coupling. “Tomorrow Rachel will get her schedule and we’ll be able to figure out a plan for us to be together more.” “Promise? “Being hunched over a keyboard all day will do that to you,” I respond, no longer thinking about her exploring my body with her hands; just enjoying the relaxation that comes from her skillful massage.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, Reluctant, Bi Sexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Cousins, Swinging, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Exhibitionism, First, Oral Sex, Safe Sex, Voyeurism, Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 3 - After a fight with his girlfriend, Lauren's brother interrupts her sleepover/lingerie party. “Will you miss not having another woman hanging out with us? Alex is a sexy African-American beauty who was enthusiastically engaged during the sleepover/lingerie party that started this whole thing. I grab her hips with both hands and slam her down repeatedly onto my rigid pole. ” Lauren moans as she jounces up and down on my cock, driving us both closer to our climax. It’s Friday evening; Lauren is spending the night at my place. Lauren and I spend most of the day in bed and she makes sure each fuck is different. By the time I take her home we are both totally spent. Lauren and I pepper Rachel with questions about her internship and she offers to practice her therapeutic massages on us. ” Rachel asks and Lauren probably would have over reacted to that question if Rachel hadn’t immediately added, “have you seen his six pack abs? I reach for the TV remote but my mind is replaying our earlier conversation and visualizing her soapy body in the shower.

The half-naked teenager girls beg him be the judge of their 'who's the sexiest' contest. “She’s still trying to get up the nerve to talk to dad,” she smiles, leaning forward as I cup my hands around her breasts and press my palms against her aroused nipples. Her hot juices lubricate our intense coupling, soaking my thighs and oozing down between my ass cheeks. I have already ravaged her sexy body, teasing and eating her through two delicious climaxes and had her well on the way to a third when she begged me to replace my tongue with my dick. ” my sister moans as she leans her hands on either side of my head and pistons her hot pussy up and down on my aching cock. “It’ll be great to have you here.” “Thanks, Brandon. She’s on top, then I’m on top, then we do it doggie style. No matter how many times we fuck and I think this will be the last one for the day, she proves me wrong. It’s a weird week schedule wise and we don’t see each other before Rachel arrives Friday afternoon. Rachel is the quintessential, all-American, girl-next-door beauty with a gorgeous face and the build of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. “I’ll drop my stuff and fix my make up while you call her.” I can’t imagine why her make up needs any fixing. I can’t wait to get my hands on those jock-like muscles.” She laughs while switching gears to ask us about our social lives. “But that doesn’t mean I have to go out every weekend,” she adds defensively. “But a girl like you can get laid anytime she wants.” I’m starting to suspect that cousin Rachel’s visit will be more interesting than I thought. She takes a fairly quick shower and exits the bathroom with a large bath towel draped around her that barely covers from her breasts to her ass.

“We don’t have much time,” I tell Lauren when she walks down the stairs. “I can make that feel better.” For a second I think she’s inviting me to sleep with her but then I remember that she is a trained massage therapist. “Take your clothes off while I get my massage oil,” she says, matter-of-factly. “That’s what we always tell our clients.” “What do they do? “Most of them strip completely and cover with a sheet then we move the sheet around throughout the massage keeping their private parts covered.” She pauses and raises an eyebrow at me. Her sleep shirt barely covers her sexy ass and my cock responds as I flash back to seeing her naked a few minutes ago.

I have a video game cued up but neither of us picks up a controller. I’m considering stripping naked for my cousin when she glances at my bed with the sheets and blankets all tucked in and adds, “You can leave your underwear on, Brandon. I strip to my underwear and lie down on my stomach just before she returns. nice,” she says, surprising the hell out of me by patting my ass check.

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I can never get enough of my sister’s delicious cunt juice. “You always say that when I have my tongue in your pussy,” I smile, taking a breath before diving back into her steamy snatch. My cock easily glides into her saturated hole but I take it slowly, inserting it gradually until it bottoms out and my pelvic bone is resting on her clit. I start laughing and squirming which only serves to rub my arm up and down against her nipples. I just wanted her to stop tickling me but not move back to her sitting position. During our romp her sleep shirt has ridden up and I can see a portion of her bare ass cheeks and a bit of her yellow thong. After dinner, Rachel offers to give dad a back massage and they head towards the bedroom, leaving Lauren, mom and I alone in the living room.

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