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The Capital Area Family Violence Intervention enter, Inc., also known as the Iris Domestic Violence Center, serving a seven-parish area around the capital area, has announced the selection of John J. Price will be succeeding Lynn Medley-Long as director who will be taking early retirement.

Price was selected by the Board of Director’s Executive Search Committee to replace Medley-Long who served as the executive director for two years.

Domestic abuse and family violence have reached frightening proportions in Louisiana and particularly in the capital area.

That abuse is not just physical, it can also involve emotional and financial abuse aimed at gaining or maintaining control over a victim.

While the shelter facility sustained damages as a result of the flood, those damages did not result in a closure of the shelter facility or a reduction of the services being provided.

Since the flooding, IRIS has remained open and will continue to remain open in order to fulfill our mission to empower survivors, prevent relationship violence, and promote justice for victims of domestic and dating violence, their children, and our communities.“I simply wanted to insure the public that the doors of the IRIS shelter facility have always been open - and will always remain open - to provide for those domestic abuse survivors needing our services.

HB 27 changes the definition of “household member” in Louisiana’s domestic abuse criminal statutes to include cohabiting couples of the same sex.

The bills close longstanding loopholes in Louisiana’s domestic violence statutes.

HB 223 extends the majority of existing domestic violence protections to dating partners.

The abuse and violence often occurs where the individuals are in a dating relationship and is often between former spouses or relationship partners.”The bills seek to fix issues in the law that have hindered Louisiana’s domestic violence response for years.

According to LCADV, 60% of Louisiana’s intimate partner homicide victims in 2016 were not married to their abusers.

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At IRIS, we know that the services we provide to individuals who find themselves in a domestic abuse situation, can sometimes be the difference between life and death.

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