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Unfortunately, many women misinterpret these behaviors as signs of affection.They are flattered that he always says, 'Oh, let's just have a quiet night at home — I want you all to myself.' That's OK sometimes — but if he never lets you out of sight, that's a danger sign." As for retaining a lawyer who will work with you on either a pro bono basis or at a low fee, go to a legal aid clinic in your community or consult a local law school for resources."Con artists and other psychopaths spend a lot of time talking about themselves in a self-aggrandizing fashion — bragging about their larger-than-life accomplishments and grand schemes, which are often completely fabricated," Turvey notes."Also, watch out for people who constantly need to borrow money — they always have a sob story, or they've 'forgotten their wallets.' "Another sign is someone who is amused by cruelty.

Q: I married a scam artist and now I'm 5,000 in the hole. And we need those tendencies for society to function, or else we'd be a nation of paranoid people.

I cannot even afford a lawyer to get a divorce and move on with my life. I want to get him out of my mind, but I just can't get over what has happened. And how can I detect a con artist in the future and prevent this from happening again?

Romantic liars try to speed the pace of a relationship so that it becomes intense very quickly." "People who con others are generally psychopaths," says Brent Turvey, forensic scientist and criminal profiler at the Academy of Behavioral Profiling in Sitka, Alaska, and author of the just released second edition of "Criminal Profiling: An Introduction to Behavioral Evidence Analysis." Contrary to popular belief, criminality and psychopathy don't always go hand-in-hand, although they certainly often do.

As the number of people looking to meet new people online grows, so does the opportunity for fraud.

Some scam artists use bogus profiles to con the people they meet out of hundreds or thousands of dollars.

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Before you plunge too deeply into a relationship, think about what you really know about the person. Have you met family and friends who can back up his tale of winning a Purple Heart? "Scam artists use what I call 'tending behaviors' and 'narrowing tactics': They often try to isolate you from family and friends — whether yours or his — in order to limit your ability to speak with people who might help you get a reality check on his stories.

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