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Do not let yourself go this length of time without intervention.Researchers at UCLA have pinpointed the part of the brain that registers the pain of a break-up.Be patient and If he contacts you, you can reciprocate because you know your plan is working.After a month, contacting him every once in a while may be enough to peak his interest.This is a message that compels him to action: if he's threatened with the possibility of losing you forever, he may rethink the permanence of your breakup.And this part is important: you're giving him the space to come to his own conclusion that he wants to get back in touch.Being rejected activates one of the same areas of the brain as physical pain!In the study, the more ignored the people felt, the more activity they had in the anterior cingulate, which also registers physical distress. Other researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have found that a breakup can create physical heart pain and shortness of breath.

Breakup of a significant relationship or marriage creates a panic response in the brain and such stress in the body that neuroscientists believe it can lead to a lowered immune system and illnesses.

He'll be running back into your arms in no time.

It's nothing personal — it's simply that most women (and men, too, for that matter) who are aiming to reconcile after a breakup end up taking the wrong kind of relationship advice, or simply making everything up as they go along.

This works because of the "Law Of Averages."Hopefully, there are more good experiences in his memory of you than bad ones, and over time, left to his imagination, the good ones will trump any recent bad ones that have surfaced around the breakup.

If there are more bad memories than good ones, it's worth asking the question if you should get back together with your ex in the first place.

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In other words, you are letting him know that he can go do what (and who) he wants and you'll still be there. If you're available all the time, there isn't any sense of urgency to get back with you.

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