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Actions should include validation of the proposed solution, proof of its suitability for the targeted application and benchmarking with respect to relevant targets set by the CSA22 in this area.b.Quantum Computing Systems: The development of open quantum computer experimental systems and platforms23, integrating the key building blocks such as quantum processors (100 qubits), the verification and validation of the quantum computation, fault-tolerance and solving a concrete computational problem to demonstrate the quantum advantage. Benchmarks will be identified by the CSA24 for all the platforms selected in this area.c.To move advanced quantum technologies from the laboratory to industry with concrete prototype applications and marketable products while advancing at the same time the fundamental science basis, in order to continuously identify new applications and find better solutions for solving outstanding scientific or technology challenges.Proposals are expected to address a mix of quantum technology challenges addressing one or more of the following areas, integrating different aspects like physics, engineering, computer science, theory, algorithms, software, manufacturing, control, infrastructures, etc.They must also describe a clear strategy for dissemination and citizen engagement; and, in close cooperation with other proposals for preparatory actions that will be selected from this call, jointly organise and participate in an event addressing stakeholders including scientific communities, policy makers and the wider public and aiming at disseminating the main objectives and findings of the actions.At the end of the action, the design and description of the candidate Flagship should include the following elements: Proposals for candidate FET Flagships must target a visionary unifying goal within one of the following three main areas: ICT and Connected Society; Health and Life Sciences; or Energy, Environment and Climate change.Benchmarks will be identified by the CSA25 for all the platforms selected in this area.Hybrid architectures are also to be considered under this area when relevant.d.

It is expected that the work will lead to practical sensing devices, imaging systems and quantum standards that employ quantum coherence and outperform classical counterparts (resolution, stability) targeting TRL 3 and 4 and showing potential for further miniaturisation/integration into industrial systems.e.To build a strongly networked European Quantum Technologies (QT) community around the common goals defined in the Strategic Research Agenda19.To create the European ecosystem that will deliver the knowledge, technologies and open research infrastructures and testbeds necessary for the development of a world-leading knowledge- based industry in Europe, leading to long-term economic, scientific and societal benefits.Proposals should target cost-effective solutions, devices and systems compatible with existing communication networks and standard cryptography systems, as well as device- independent protocols.Each proposal should address aspects like engineering, protocols, certification, software, algorithms.

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FET Flagships should provide a strong and broad basis for future innovation and economic exploitation, as well as novel benefits for society of a potential high impact.

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