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Is it ok for a Christian couple to engage in anal sex?Some Christians would give a quick response of “No way – anal sex is sodomy and sodomy is condemned in the Bible!The word “sodomite” is used in these passages of the King James translation of the Bible: 2 Kings 23:7 (KJV) I love the KJV and I quote from it regularly as it is often has the most literal English renderings of phrases from the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures.However from time to time even the KJV translators would take liberties with certain phrases and this unfortunately is one of those cases.This is the definition of “sodomy”: Now while “Sodomy” is never used in the Bible the roots for this English word can be seen in the story of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis chapter 19.

But the definition of sodomy in English is broader than this and includes oral sex or anal sex even between a man and woman.

In a broader sense Sodomy might refer to all types of wickedness that were practice in Sodom including homosexuality, whoremongering, prostitution and rape.

The word Sodom refers to the name of a Biblical city and has nothing specifically to do with sexual sins.

So with all that being said as an introduction to the topic of anal sex let me now show you why I believe the Scripture condemn anal sex as a practice even between a husband and wife within the bounds of marriage.

If you want to find a passage that says “thou shalt not have anal sex” there is no such passage.

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