Cambodia and vietnam sex slaves

Almost all of Cambodian brothels are Vietnamese-owned, with most of its prostitutes being of Vietnamese descent and captured sex slaves being of other ethnic groups.

Men are trafficked for forced labor in the agriculture, fishing, and construction industries.

Young girls working in brothels are in effect, sex slaves; they receive no money, only food, and armed guards stop them from running away.

A law was passed in January 1997 to curb trafficking in women, with fines of up to ,000 and prison sentences of up to 20 years for pimps and brothel owners.

The children are often sold to Thailand and Malaysia where they become slaves facing a life of forced labor or, even worse, sex slaves forced to sell their bodies for the profit of their owners.

These children would not be placed to work until they had been presented to a series of bidders, such as high-ranking military officers, politicians, businessmen, and foreign tourists.some children are sold by their parents, while others are lured by what they think are legitimate job offers like waitressing, but then are forced into prostitution.Children are often held captive, beaten, and starved to force them into prostitution.That's why they're such easy prey." Comparably wealthy Thailand lies just on the other side of the border and thousands of people cross over everyday to hawk goods and to take odd jobs.It's a trip also made frequently by the child smugglers and they usually collect their money for the children as soon as they make the border crossing.

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The horror scene is, sadly, reality: A 25-day-old Cambodian baby is sold to a human trafficker for a pittance. Earlier this week, police in Cambodia arrested 39-year-old Pech Tho as she tried to cross the border into Thailand with a one-month old baby boy. "The court had to charge the parents too, otherwise other poor parents will have the same excuse, which we cannot accept," Meng Say, Phnom Penh's anti-human trafficking police chief, told the news agency Reuters.

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