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That kind of kickass game is why the NFL can bully through your average concussion scandal without any shit sticking to its back.

If you weren’t around for it, Denver’s defense hit Panthers QB Cam Newton in the head a great many times last night: jarring, full-on helmet-to-helmet hits that should have been flagged but were not (the one time they DID penalize Denver for headhunting, they also penalized Newton for intentional grounding, essentially granting the Broncos a free lick).

Frankly, all the outrage that will be ginned up over Denver’s headhunting is PART of the entertainment package.

'em My man and his wifey want me down with the threesome Niggas tease 'em Bitches please 'em When I'm out of town yo my pants got a crease in 'em All calls valid Never hard mallet Dallas Been up in you favorite star's stlyus Coward Bite on my hoes like Marv Albert But you should thank Un though Coulda made you run though Been at your front door Gun hold for fun though Guy- Yo, yo, yo, yo (Cam- What's up?

My Oyas on Broadway all day Aye yo you love the way I rep black Step the f back'Fore I bring out the guns And chest check Respect that Any girl I met that Hit that Love the way I spit that I don't kit kat Push your wig back Get you shit snatched Get your ribs cracked Got a friend Have me kick that Get that Sit back School shit skip that Learn how to flip pack For the big stacks And the big act Now I got the big gats Click, clack, uhh Since day one been in a ditch Came with a snitch Now I'm in the pen in the mix Friends sending me flicks Girls sending me kicks Been in some shit Had to tap a chin with a fist When the ?

Begin with a stich End in a kiss So yo so I blend in the mix Now a day don't go by I ain't been in a chick8 on the dope ask Dominican Rich Winning and rich Eating on cinnamon grits Grinning and shit How a nigga spin in 6See they all see the 12But you see me in it TVs in it BBs kinted Ask who it is You see me tinted I did drive-bys Now I take you on top of a high rise See if you can sky dive I'll bring it to you at your local gymnasium How 'bout the Palladium Fuck it Yankees stadium uhh Play people Jumped up and sprayed people I got dudes that'll jiggle with the A's legal You not a threat You want it you got it bet I'll leave your momma and your poppa wet Nigga wait now I'm set I'll go another route Kidnap your family make you brother eat your mother out After I done dug her out Needles to jug her out Pillows to smother out You don't give a fuck about Un would've ?

All Music editor David Jeffries praised Cam for re-tooling his production and lyrical content to bring back the grit and humor he lost in Killa Season, concluding with, "Add it all up and Crime Pays is just what the fans want, without any sense the man is pandering." Andrew Rennie of NOW praised the album for containing less featured artists to focus on tight wordplay and sprinklings of topical tracks like "My Job" and "Silky", concluding that, "Cam'ron has evolved on this no-frills release, and it is disarmingly effective."s Jody Rosen both similarly praised the album for showcasing Cam's knack for lacing typical street tracks with a unique flow and strong wordplay.

They concluded by praising the track "My Job" for bringing Cam out of his comfort zone to deliver a serious subject matter.

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