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She has a double-sided head that, on one side, bears a regular expression and on the other an angry expression.

Her 2014 variation is almost exactly the same as the original Samurai X, but instead of having her special armour piece, she has the same silver shoulder armour that Cole and Jay have in many of their variations.

Cole manages to take the Hypnobrai Staff from Slithraa, but just as Skales hypnotizes him, Nya comes in and kicks Skales in the face, causing him to retreat.

Nya then returned to her village where she waited for Kai and the other ninjas to return.

In the episode, "Rise of the Snakes", the Ninja are warned by Sensei Wu not to let their laziness get the best of them, Nya rushes in and informs them that Lord Garmadon has been spotted in Jamanakai Village.

The 2015 Samurai X is very different from the original.

Her face and helmet are the same, but her torso and leg pieces are completely different.

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