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The front face of the bolt should be just in front of the feed tube.

If your bolt is covering more than half of the feed tube, you will need to lengthen your rod.

Now you should have just your back block threaded onto the pump arm.

Rotate the back block clockwise until it is touching the body of the Autococker, and then back it out one turn.

Second, it makes sure that the ram is not overworked by having to push farther than what it really has to be.

This step of timing sets where in your trigger pull your marker will actually fire the paintball.

The width of the paper should be the width of the gap.It also ensures that the bolt is in it's fully forward position when the marker fires, hence preventing most blowback. Without air on the gun, pull back on the pushpin/bolt to cock the marker.Do not push the block back forward, and look down the feed tube of your gun.If you're unsure how large the gap should be, do the paper test.Take a sheet of loose leaf, or equally thin paper, and try to slide it between the block and the body.

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