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A few months back I f inished one in about a quarter of the time they are supposed to take because I had this hot guy waiting for me at his hotel and he was leaving the next morning to do a film.

The producer of the book said he had never seen someone read at that level of accuracy before and said it was "glorious"--if he only knew my motivation! I once got really trashed in a review by this idiot woman for a book I recorded--and it was one of those "just for enjoyment" type books, ya know, like sex in the back seat of a car--you're not really taking it too seriously.

I never really know what to say when people ask where I'm from so I just say New York, now.

I've been here for 13 years and it feels like home.

The books are pretty grueling though, believe it or not.

It takes a little more than double the time of the final tape to record--so if it's a five hour book it takes about 12 hours.

I had to really learn how to shake off that kind of character work or it can mess you up.

I loved Opera, but the rules were too stringent for me.

Besides being a recipient of the prestigious "Peabody Museum Award for Young Minds" she is trained as a Opera performer as well as Rock.

She's nationally ranked as a Cross Country champion, winning second place in her age division in the New Haven Road Race (marathon) in 1989, among the various awards she's received for running.

Is there a lot of background preparation needed for this type of work, or do you just walk in and do it?

Yeah, I do tons of voice-overs--it's a whole different bag. I think being trained musically gave me a bit of an ear for it.

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