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Updated company and hiring information should be provided by returning participants.New participants need to submit a brief registration form.There were lots and lots of delays, page after page of delays.I arrived one day by a fire truck, my husband was with the fire department at the time.First of all, there were people trapped because of the snow that needed medical attention.We'd go out and take medicine to them, take them to the hospital.

Outdoor tailgating starts at 5 in the parking lot of Ada's Historic Depot.

According to the report from the Kenton Police Department, 38 year old Dean A.

Spearman was located in a car that was parked in the 900 block of West Carey Street.

There's a whole community of people in the state that were dependent upon getting to the hospital for kidney dialysis, well they couldn't get there, and we would fly and get them and take them to the hospital and take them home, and it took several weeks for all the road networks to open up.

That lifeline, if it hadn't been for the Ohio National Guard Aviation Program, we wouldn't have been there for them.

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